Name: Baily Racheal Warman
Age: 23
Location: Chicago, Ill
Occupation: Full time Seminary Student. I work various part time jobs around campus to make ends meet.
Where did you come from? I was born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL.
I spent a year in Florida attending Eckerd College then moved back to Chicago to finish up my undergraduate degree.
A Fear: Not being enough.
A Goal: To see more of the world.
A Memory: Working as a recycler my freshman year of college. St. Petersburg didn’t have a recycling service, so we used to ride around campus in the back of an old beat up pick up truck collecting and sorting everyone’s trash. It was disgusting, rewarding, and awesome all once.
A Mistake: Not telling those whom I’ve loved, “I love you.”
A Hero: Savitribai Phule. She and her husband spent their lives dignifying and educating India’s Dalit women. She lived to abolish oppression based on gender and caste. She was such a badass.
A Fault: I let people go to easily.
A Talent: Empathy.
A Prized Possession: My journals and scriptures.
A Need: Time alone.
I want more: Love.
I want less: Fear of missing out.
What would you change about the world? I would change the way women are treated globally and all forms of social hierarchy based on gender, race, religion, caste, orientation, etc.
What do you love about yourself? I love how deeply I feel things. I cry a lot. Like a lot. It’s something I used to get made fun of for, but I believe God uses my tears for a greater purpose. I love that I am comfortable and open with how I feel. No one should ever be ashamed to feel what they feel.