Tom Fongers

Your Name: Tom Fongers

Age: 27

Location: Grand Rapids

Occupation: Student/Porter for Grand Chrysler Dodge and Jeep

Where did you come from? Seoul, South Korea.

A Fear: Needles, failure, and being judged by others.

A Goal: I want to see the winter Olympics in person in Seoul, South Korea 2018.

A Memory: Our family car trip to Colorado. I remember it because the whole family was together and we spent a lot of time on trails and in the mountains.

A Mistake: I don’t like to think about mistakes because I don’t think it’s helpful.

A Hero: My dad and my grandfather are my heroes. They have taught me about life and it’s meanings in many different ways, and have helped point me in the right direction when I got lost.

A Fault: I don’t like to take many risks, and I don’t like change.

A Talent: I’m really good at interpreting movie themes and messages.

A Prized Possession: A scrapbook I made from everywhere I went in Korea when I visited in 2011 with my mom. The country was so beautiful and the food was fantastic.

A Need: My morning and night rituals.

I want More: Time with my friends and people I like to be around.

I want Less: Stress and clutter. I have a tendency to hoard things.

What would you change about the world? I would change the amount of technology we have. I would like to see people doing things more in person. Things have gotten so impersonal and disconnected.

What do you love about yourself? I’m loyal, and I never let my friends or family down. They can always count on me to be there if they need me.


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